Class Project - with the Sacred Symbols Coloring books

Super excited to see that middle school teacher, Deanna Keevan, was motivated to teach her students about the sacred art form of Mandalas to her 8th grade class using my Sacred Symbols adult coloring book. This from Deanna via her FB Blog Seeking Full Circle. "I love it when I have the opportunity to bring adult coloring into my classroom. Today my 8th graders are learning about sacred symbols and Mandalas so I am giving them the chance to either create their own or to color in some." 

St. John's Prep - 8th Grade class - the sacred art of Mandalas - from the Sacred Symbols Coloring books by Lydia Hess.

St. John's Prep - 8th Grade class - the sacred art of Mandalas - from the Sacred Symbols Coloring books by Lydia Hess.


Here's more on the benefits of coloring for students and adults alike.

This from Huffington Post: 

Amazing Coloring Books For Adults to Challenge the Artist in You

According to Dr. Ben Michaelis, clinical psychologist, coloring relaxes the amygdala — the fear center of the brain. This is an area that is stimulated when stress levels are high, whether from the demands of work or personal lives. Coloring, in effect, lets the mind get some rest. His counterparts in Australia state that it is particularly useful for clients who have difficulty with meditation and/or “shutting down” their brains. Coloring, they say, forces that “shut down” and has many of the same effects as meditation. Coloring, then, effectively allows stressed out folks to forget their problems of the moment and return to a time when life was so simple.

Enhanced Focus

Other psychologists state that coloring books open up the frontal lobes of the brain, with the inherent “demand” that people stay in the lines. These are the parts that control organization and problem solving. As well, it forces both sides of the brain to work together - the logical left side (staying in those lines) and the more creative right side (choices of colors, shading, etc.).

Social Benefit

Gone are the Tupperware parties of last century. Today it’s coloring book parties — adults bringing their favorite books and sharing conversation and a glass of wine as they color together. What everyone who attended these gatherings seems to love is that no one has to be an artist, but they can be artistic with color and shading.

Medical Benefits

Doctors and others who treat cancer patients are finding, at least with women so far, that coloring books appear to reduce both the physical and mental distress of cancer treatment. They are more relaxed, more positive, and complain far less of the physical side effects of treatment. An additional benefit seems to be a lowered heart rate.

Sense of Accomplishment

Coloring is a low-tech basic but rewarding activity, and when an adult finishes a particularly intricate mandala or other design, there is a strong sense of accomplishment. In fact, many are framing their finished products for wall décor. And coloring book publishers are accommodating this by producing books that have card-stock pages just for that purpose.

Your Class Project: If any educators out there would like to use the work of any of the Sacred Coloring books for your class room project - I am happy to provide free downloads of specific images for your Class Project. Please Contact me for more information.