Recharging the Batteries

I’m coming to the close of a 2 week stay on the Oregon coast at our family Beach place. I have been working these last several months on completing not 1 - not 2 - but 3 new coloring books for HarperElixir’s Coloring Books for the Soul series. 

The photo of me was taken by Robbie McClaran - all others in this gallery are by me.

I am so grateful to my editor Libby Edelson, publisher Claudia Boutote and production managers Terri Leonard and Lisa Zuniga. Their input and guidance has been so welcome and helpful along the way. But my family has been the most supportive and critical to my success during these months. Their ideas and constructive critics have made these books come together as a whole. 

These last 2 weeks of staying at the beach and finalizing the last of the 120 illustrations has been a great way to bring this chapter to a close. The water surrounds us in this location. I look out at the smooth surface of our little Spring Lake on one side and walk across the road and down a path on the other side to meet the waves of the pacific ocean and 2 huge monolithic stones at the edge of the sea on the other side. These bodies of water have helped calm me through this extremely stressful and exhausting period. I am so grateful to have this place and be able to surround myself in the coastal air and sea for these last deadline weeks. 

Yesterday I saw a baby seal on beach. I have never seen one here before. Apparently they come ashore to rest sometimes. It’s the law to stay 100 feet away from them if you come across one. That was so special and beautiful to see. The little guy seem so vulnerable. 

I just wanted to share a few of the images I made these last 2 weeks. I hope you find them soothing and as joyful as I do.