Coloring my own Coloring Books

Ok - I know this is maybe a bit self indulgent - but I am having lots of fun coloring my own pictures. When I created them - I was working on such a tight deadline that I didn't have the opportunity to color them in. I did some proofs to make sure that they would be appropriate for color - but that was all I had time for.  

So I am enjoying this other creative process just as anyone else would who picks these up for coloring. Full disclosure, I was never very good at coloring with the big Crayola (bless their hearts) crayons. They were never sharp enough for me and it was quite the challenge to stay in the lines for me. Well if you've had that same issue we are kindred spirits. My scratchboard style of art is very forgiving to those that have wondering crayons. But the pencils, markers and pens that are out now are superb! And make the results shine.

So stay calm and color on! Here are a few of my colored pages from Sacred Symbols and Sacred Nature - Coloring books for the Soul.